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Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting Smart Passive Guide and choosing us for your freelance web designer. 

As we previously discussed, you are looking for an experienced designer to do high-quality work and make you look good online.

Smart Passive Guide is proficient in building long-term, collaborative relationships with clients and offers ongoing support for all the necessary adjustments and updates.


During our last meeting, you mentioned your main objective is to build a brand awareness and increase the number of visits and leads coming through the website. 

The plan to achieve it is by doing the following:

  • Building mobile-friendly, lead-generating, WordPress website.
  • Providing on-site & off-site SEO audits to help you get found on the major search engines.
  • Creating a visually attractive website with interesting and engaging content.

Many web agencies are losing their touch while keeping up with every single one of the new tools out there. We are not working with  Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. We are working in WordPress only, and we are the best at it.

In the next few chapters, we will explain further the details of our plan and how to achieve the mentioned objectives.

Beating Your Website Competition

We all know that clients nowadays explore their option online long before deciding to make a purchase. If your website doesn’t represent you properly, they will quickly move to the next vendor.

That is why our goal is to create professionally design website that will fully enable you to compete more effectively with largest companies and direct competition.

The content we had in mind is the following:



Using a friendly design for online readers, we will make sure the visitors do not just scan through the homepage but actually slow down and read the content. 

It will also include a call-to-action button with clear links to the most important pages and the site map, leading visitors to the information they are looking for


A clear description of who you are. Someone who ends up on your website should not have to do investigative work to figure out what, exactly, it is that you do.

We also suggest taking new team photos and action shots of people working. These are great for building relationships with clients and far better than the stock photos, which unfortunately litter your industry.

Client stories and testimonials

People loves to hear from real customers

Honest words from people makes your service more tangible to customers who are visiting you online.

It is even better to create actual case study, detailed explanation of projects you worked on, problems you encountered, and the solution you proposed.

Give your testimonials some content and it will serve you years to come


and pricing

The best way to add the services you offer to the website is by splitting them into sections named after your main services and adding the matching headers. 
Since you are offering weekly/monthly packages, we are suggesting creating a services page that will highlight the packages and individual services.

To avoid being constantly asked for prices by potential customers, we suggest adding a price on the same page as services. It helps to set the right expectation from both sides and increases the quality of the website.

If you preferred not to give away the prices right away, we would suggest considering a brief estimate at least


Another thing that will raise the quality of your website is adding a frequently asked questions section. We are sure your clients had a lot of questions while starting working with you. Why not add them all together and create a go-to page for all your future clients?

Contact Forms and Call To Action

To avoid potential clients from googling your name and trying to find a way to contact you, we suggest adding contact forms that will be directly forwarded to your email address.

We will also strategically place call-to-action buttons through the website to lead the visitors to either services and pricing page or to contact forms.

Plan of Action

After you sign our proposal, we will start by scheduling a follow-up call to finalize the details and decide on the best starting date.

Once that is agreed on, we will follow the simple steps listed below: 

Step 1

Design Interview

To start our design project, we need to get to the bottom of who you are, what you stand for, and who you stand beside. It will give us enough basic information to get started with your website.

Step 2

Design Presentation

We will create three new design concepts. Naturally, there will be a common theme, but we will try to think outside of the box and develop a few different solutions. The brainstorming and comparison part is often where the best ideas come from. We will go through these options and decide which direction to take and which adjustments to make.

Step 3

Website Content

Now that we have your design decided on, we can begin to construct the website. Our copywriter will be in touch with you to help put your ideas down through the “voice” of your new brand. Any photos attempted to use on the website will have to be gathered at this stage.

Step 4

Website Build

Using everything we have gathered, we will start building your website. Once it is done, we will present it to you and go through the details and finishing touches following the originally set objectives. Any amends are made at this stage.

Step 5


The launch process has to be carefully considered. We need to ensure email addresses will not go down; the site doesn’t have any downtime; any old links are re-directed to the new pages, and several other things. The following process has been done by our company many times before, and we have developed a detailed checklist we are working with that has never failed.

We make sure to launch the website late on Fridays, giving us a chance to iron out any possible issues.  You can sleep well, knowing we will be on-call over your launch weekend to ensure everything goes according to plan.


It will take between eight and ten weeks to get your high-end website live.

| From our Portfolio |

Elizabeth Jones contacted us after she spent some time struggling with creating her website.

She has recently started a creative agency and wanted to reach her targeted audience with an SEO optimized website, but didn’t know where to start. She knew what kind of content she wanted on it, but she did not have the time to create it all from scratch.

The Solution

We identified what kind of content she wanted on her website and what kind of angle she wanted to take.

Our solution was to finish creating the website she already started to draft on her own and make it SEO optimized.

We added a different logo, few interesting animations showing her creative Agency’s results, and special graphics made in company colors.

The Result

After just a few weeks, her website was up and running. Within the first two months, the number of website visitors grew to over 1,000. After the second month, Elizabeth contacted us again, asking if we could run her blog as well. In our books, that counts as a happy customer!

A few words from Elizabeth:

“Working with smart passive guide was amazing. They are true experts at what they do, fast and professional. Prince was able to get my project vision the very first time. I struggled to complete the website for my agency on my own, and it seemed as if they clicked a few buttons, worked their magic, and a masterpiece was created. By having Smart passive guide in our corner, we truly felt that our agency launch was a huge success!”

Elizabeth Jones, The Sound

websites can turn out to be very

expensive in the long run. 

Why not trust the experts from the start?

Smart Passive Guide stands behind the work that we do and the websites we create. We make sure to target the correct audience, use the latest technologies, and save you time and money by creating a professionally designed website whose generated sales will more than offset the cost.

The Cost

Below you will find the one-off cost of our website design services. 
This is paid immediately after you sign your proposal, and it allows us to get started immediately with your content, giving you the upper hand over your competition.

   Web Design Services


Website Design (Professional Package)
Design and development of your new website                GHC3,500
Hosting for your website and email address for the entire company                   

Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (Optional)           GHC97/month

Traffic Report
Detailed Analytics report that shows visits, bounces and more            GHC49/month 

         One -off Total                       GHC3,500
        Monthly Total                       $10
      Additional Monthly Total     GHC146

At Smart Passive Guide, we connect the dots between marketing technology and creativity to help you engage customers & grow revenue.

Our Guarantee and Next Steps

No matter what you do in business, there is always a risk and we understand that. When we work together, let us be the ones who deal with it.

The purpose of this project is to deliver a great website that will increase the number of your clients and establish yourself as an industry expert.

Our guarantee is simple – if we don’t live up to our promises, you don’t pay for our services



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To get started and to make the following steps as simple as possible: 


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We will arrange a final call to discuss all the remaining details.


We will set up the best billing arrangements.

We can’t wait to start working on your exclusive design!

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